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Amerikanische Einblicke in das Schülerteam

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Last Saturday, I helped coach the Goosenecks Schüler team for the first time. We had a double header in Solingen against the Alligators and thankfully, it did not rain.

Not only were the kids victorious in both games, but they had fun the entire time-so did I!

While we were on offense, the other coaches manned first and third base, but I stayed in the dugout and helped cheer for the team. The kids taught me the cheers they sang to pump up their teammates and we had a blast! While most of the little ones have a hard time understanding what I say, they usually nod their head, smile and give me a thumbs up whenever I talk to them. They are pretty adorable.

I love the kids! They try to teach me something new in Deutsch everyday. They laugh at me every time I mispronounce the words, but they try to speak slower and louder until I finally say it properly. Aside from my host mother, Judith, they are my favorite Deutsch teachers. So far, I can say names of some foods, please and thank you, and I can count to 20!

My experience in Germany gets better and better as time continues. Unfortunately, this summer weather is not as warm as I am accustomed to, but it is still a great time.

My teammates are awesome and my host family is amazing. To top it off, the kids are fantastic and they love playing ball. It makes me so happy when I see them get excited after a nice play is made or when one of their teammates hits the ball well.

Aside from improving my Deutsch, I am very thankful to the kids for helping me discover my true calling on the field.

Although I am not as fond of the game as most people assume, I do have a passion for helping others perfect their skills. Now, I understand why coaches have stuck around the game so long after their careers ended; the indescribable feeling of joy and happiness felt when your players succeed can never be measured by any pay check!

After graduation this past June, I vowed to stay far away from softball when my time in Germany came to an end. Thankfully, I have had a change of heart since I have been here. Needless to say, I would love the opportunity to coach softball in the near future!

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. In the mean time, I will enjoy the days I have in Germany. While I am here, my goal is to positively impact at least one player either on or off the field. Hopefully, I will be able to complete this task.

"A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position."
-John Maxwell
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By Monique "Mo" Fuiava
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